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I'm Catherine, but you can call me Catie. I'm a 
                                              capturing love stories for beautiful couples.

In my free time you can find me reading a good book, eating way too much sushi or watching The Office and/or Friends with my Golden Retriever, Toulouse, and my gray kitty, Gus. Yes, they are both named after Disney characters! 

All my life I have been an artist. Colors, composition and form is pressed into my brain, never to be forgotten. Wedding photography is more than an art though, it is capturing years of love in just one day. It's building relationships and being a supporting role in the journey from the day a couple inquires until the day they are wed, and many times even after that. My main goal is to not only be your photographer on your wedding day, but a friend that you can laugh with, and someone you can lean on. 

I would love to capture your big day and am excited to hear from you! Share your love story with me and let's get your wedding date on my calendar!

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When you're planning a wedding there are so many things for you to do and remember! You want your big day to be perfect and that takes preparation! I'm here to help you have all of your details ready for your photographer to take beautiful details of. I mean, you spend forever picking them out so of course you want pictures to remember!
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"Happiness is the richest thing we will ever own"