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October 1, 2019

October Goals

I am trying something now that I haven’t done yet. Sharing my monthly goals with all of you! Starting with my October goals. 🙂

I actually got this idea from Vanessa Hicks  and thought it was brilliant! What better way to hold yourself accountable than by posting your goals for the world to see, right?!

I will share my personal and business goals. Personal are goals that you all will be able to relate to more. And business goals just for fun so you all can see what I am thinking for my business!

Also it’s fun to bounce off ideas if you see one of my goals that inspires you!

So after a lot of thinking I have finally picked my final goals for the month!

october goals

October Goals


  • Get up earlier and make it a habit. Toulouse has already helped me with this by licking my face at 7am every morning. But I need to physically get out of the bed then instead of lying around for another 30 minutes!
  • Work out 3 – 5 times a week, every week. I used to have a workout in college for volleyball that I did 3 times a week. And of course our regular practices and weights, but this was a great workout. I still have it so I want to get back on it!
  • Cut out sugar! I heard it can be a bit harsh on your body at first so this is going to be crazy hard. But I 100% think I am addicted to sugar. I can tell it is making me slow and sluggish so I want to cut it out! Basically all candy, ice cream, soda, etc!
  • Cut back on social media. Man, I am so mad at myself for how addicted to social media I have gotten. It is the first thing I look at when I wake up and that is NOT how I should be starting my day!
  • Get out of the house more. I will actually be doing a whole different blog post on this explaining why I am such a hermit.
  • Read 5 books! This might be far fetched because I read a little slower than the average person, but I want to catch up on my reading!


  • Set up a styled shoot for the Winter! I want to set up a styled shoot and actually have a few themes planned out. So if you’re a planner reading this and want to work together – hit me up! Or any other wedding vendors contact me too!
  • Book 2 weddings for 2020. I am almost halfway to my limit for 2020, but am still accepting a few more wonderful couples! Let your friends, family or your facebook peeps know!
  • Try to stay sane throughout the busiest month of the year!!! No need for an explanation.

It is going to be a crazy month, but I am ready for it!!!

october pumpkins


Stay tuned for my Fall bucket list coming next week!

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Hi! I'm Catherine, but you can call me Catie. I live in Mount Pleasant, SC (right outside of Charleston, SC) with my Golden, Toulouse, and my gray cat, Gus. Wedding photography is more than the images. My main goal is to not only be your photographer on your wedding day, but a friend that you can laugh with, and someone you can lean on. 

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