September 28, 2019

Colton’s Birthday Party

Can I just start this out by saying I love capturing fun events like this one? Colton’s birthday party was sports themed. And it was amazing for a few reasons:

1. Bright Colors

2. Several cakes that were shaped like basketballs, baseballs and other sports themed objects

3. A jump castle

4. A big surprise being announced!

I will get to the big surprise, I promise! But first I have to talk about those other points I made.

When I walked into Aubre’s house I was expecting the typical party decorations, but these decorations were SO MUCH MORE! The detail that went into this party was absolutely amazing.

In fact, I found myself wishing that I had Aubre to decorate my birthday parties when I was growing up!

No offense to my parents! They did a great job, but I am telling you I have never seen a party decorated like this!

In addition to the decorations, there were jump castles and huge play toys for the kids outside. They were a pretty hot commodity throughout the party.

Okay, now for the big surprise! I received a message from Aubre a few weeks before Colton’s birthday party stating that she found out she is pregnant.

But nobody knew that she was pregnant except for her husband.

So the plan was to surprise all of the guests. This just added to the fun of the day for me! Aubre had a special gift for Colton to open at the beginning of presents. It was a cute little baby outfit with the number 3 on it. Colton and his older brother had no idea about this!

When the present was opened, the guests were screaming with excitement!

It was the best surprise!

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Amazing, right?!

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