March 14, 2019

Downtown Charleston Bridal Portraits

These Downtown Charleston Bridal Portraits were an actual dream.
Mainly because of the bride and her personality!

The first time I met Brittany there were 2 things that I noticed almost immediately.

1. She is just as pretty (if not prettier) in person as she is in pictures. And super tall!
2. She has the kind of personality that makes you want to be around her all the time! You could just tell she is a fun person who makes everything a party!!
So basically I knew right away that I was going to absolutely love her wedding and being able to get to know her and Dwayne more over the next few months.
We laughed, talked and took so many pictures! I got to explore places in Charleston that I somehow have never seen in the almost 13 years that I’ve lived here. Chalmers Street was most definitely my favorite! That’s where the pink walls and window box flowers are! Plus the cobblestone street that looks like it was pulled straight out of a movie.
And we didn’t even get to go to all the places I had planned for us to go! Chalmers Street and The Battery were just two off of the list of many I made before we met up! The good thing is, I have plenty of new spots to try out for future sessions!
We planned Brittany’s bridal portraits for the week right before we were all leaving for their wedding in Jamaica. The whole week it was calling for storms all day for her portraits and we were so close to rescheduling them, but thank goodness we didn’t! The weather was perfect! There was a slight wind in the air that helped get the flowing veil pictures (scroll down!).
These are the epitome of downtown Charleston with cobblestone roads, historic pink houses, window box flowers and The Battery! Pair these things with a beautiful bride to be and you get the perfect bridal portraits. I hope you all love these photos as much as I do! This was 100% one of my favorite bridal sessions to date!
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Hi! I'm Catherine, but you can call me Catie. I live in Mount Pleasant, SC (right outside of Charleston, SC) with my Golden, Toulouse, and my gray cat, Gus. Wedding photography is more than the images. My main goal is to not only be your photographer on your wedding day, but a friend that you can laugh with, and someone you can lean on. 

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