September 26, 2019

Surprise proposal on Folly Beach

A surprise proposal on Folly Beach?! Count me in!

Proposals are quickly becoming my favorite thing to document. It is always such a sweet, sincere moment between couples and almost always ends in tears. Happy tears!!

I got a text from Anna Yencho, with Chancey Charm, asking if I was available to capture Ben proposing to Madeline over a holiday weekend this summer. I naturally said yes!

As Ben and Madeline ate their dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water, Anna and I planned the proposal at the beach. We wrote Madeline’s name in the sand with marbles (luckily Anna had these in her bag) and shells. Originally the plan was for Madeline’s name to be written in all shells, but they’re harder to find than you would think!

As we waited underneath the pier, the rain began to sprinkle.

We got the text that they were on their way! I stood under the pier and secretly took pictures of them walking towards me. While Anna stood at a distance and pretended to be my model. After all, there aren’t many places for us to hide on a beach!

Then they came across Madeline’s name in the sand. Benjamin got down on his knee and asked the big question: “Will you marry me?”

As you can see, she said YES!

That wasn’t the only surprise of the night though.

Benjamin’s brother drove 10+ hours to see the big moment. He was waiting further from the pier for the perfect moment to surprise them both. And when all of us least expected it, even me, he jumped out of the shadows and hugged them both.

A double surprise! It was one of the best moments of the night! Besides the proposal, of course.

And to top it off, he brought them both Folly Beach hats to remember the night!

In conclusion, this night was filled with surprises, happy tears, huge smiles and lots of love.

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