4th of July

July 17, 2019

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To be completely honest 4th of July is one of my least favorite holidays, but not because of the meaning behind it.

I am super thankful to live in The United States of America! I can’t imagine myself anywhere else (except maybe in a villa along the Amalfi Coast in Italy haha!). Every day I am able to wake up and work from home, doing what I love! I can’t imagine what life would be like without the freedom we have here in America.

But the 4th of July has never been a favorite of mine for one reason: the fireworks. The older I get the more they freak me out! Maybe it’s just because a small spark was seen on our roof right by my bedroom window last year? Or that my dog was trying to eat all the scraps in the yard the following day? *picture me shaking me head*

I also had a somewhat traumatizing childhood experience when I was little. We lived in a cul-de-sac in Idaho and all of our neighbors were best friends! So every 4th of July there were fireworks, hot dogs and beer for the dads right there in the neighborhood. The guys all took turns lighting off fireworks, mainly the neighbors teenage boys. All the kids, including myself, were playing around in the driveway, just watching the pretty fireworks. When all the sudden a Tasmanian devil came whizzing past us straight into OUR garage!!!

The dogs were scared, some kids were crying and most of the dads were laughing. But I will never remember that and how freaked out I was! I thought for sure the garage was toast.

Anyways, this year we spent our 4th of July watching Stranger Things, barbecuing and watching fireworks. It was unusually relaxing and laid back. Which was amazing! Toulouse sat on my lap and watched the fireworks. I just love him! Check out the pictures below to see some of my favorite moments from the day.

golden retriever puppy watching fireworks on the 4th of july vegan 4th of july cake and a gray kitty golden retriever puppy dressed up for the 4th of july golden retriever puppy and a gray kitty kissing golden retriever puppy and a boxer pup golden retriever puppy relaxing with his mom woman playing with golden retriever puppy

Also….Stranger Things. NO WORDS! Anyone else obsessed?!

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