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Disney trip 2019

Every year for my birthday, my sisters and I take a trip to Disney World to celebrate. This year, 2019, we went to Disney for 3 days and visited all of the parks! It is one of my favorite times of the year for a few reasons:

  1. My sisters and I all get to hang out at the happiest place on Earth. Hopefully Rachel (our oldest sister) will be able to join us next time!
  2. It is always so carefree and a time to really step away from work and stress to just relax and have fun!
  3. It’s Disney!!!

This year we hit up all of the parks in just 3 days….yes, it was very exhausting.

Lauren ended up with blisters the size of her pinky toe all over her feet and it rained basically the whole time we were there, but it was still SO MAGICAL! We met all of our favorite characters and went on our favorite rides, as well as some new ones.

Check out the pictures below to see some of my favorite parts of our trip!! <3



Germany at Epcot

We explored allllll of the countries at Epcot, which we’ve never been able to do before so that was awesome! My favorite is probably Mexico because of Coco!

Daisy Frozen Ever After

The new Frozen ride is soooo cute and I loved it! The guy in the back behind me looks like he was having loads of fun!!

Epcot's Flower Festival



Walt Disney World

It is my dream to just stay one night in Cinderella’s castle..wouldn’t that be amazing?! Also I think I would love to be proposed to in the castle. Big dreams, but you never know what can happen!

Cinderella's Castle

My new ears ^ the hat with puff balls! Most definitely my favorite hat ever now.

Walt and Mickey The fountain of Cinderella Carousel

I FINALLY convinced my sisters to go on the carousel for the first time ever!!! I may have gone when I was a baby, but it doesn’t count.

Walt Disney World Pirates ride at Disney

My favorite ride is the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It smells sooo good and it’s one of my favorite movies…plus Johnny Depp of course. But I still think that our Disney trip 2019 could have had more Pirates in it 🙂

Expedition Everest Roller coaster at Disney World

Okay so this is actually amazing that I went on Expedition Everest. I don’t ride roller coasters, like ever. They are one of my biggest fears (heights). But when I was scheduling our fast passes I decided to just go ahead and schedule this ride and maybe I’ll work up the courage to go on it….well I DID!! And it was AMAZING!

Edna Mode Toy Story Walt Disney

^^Loved Toy Story Land (& Tom Hanks).

Star Wars Hollywood Studios

We ended our second day at Disney with the most beautiful sunset and some pretty amazing fireworks!


Mickey birthday Ears

My sister snapped this when we were entering the park on our last day and I’m obsessed with it.


Anyone else excited for the live action movie?!

Birthday at Walt Disney World

Tigger was pointing out that it was my birthday…then he made me start jumping around 😂


Love me some Winnie. I also met him last year >> check it out here!

Disney's Winnie the Pooh Micky's birthday celebration Gypsy Daisy Duck Rapunzel's lanterns

I really wish they would do more with Rapunzel’s land than just giving her a bathroom haha!

Snow White Ride Snow White Ride

Probably one of my favorite rides at the park ^^!! I don’t usually like roller coasters, but this is like a baby roller coaster. So I’m okay with it 🙂

Walt Disney World

As you can see, we got very into this game.

Walt Disney World Floating lanterns

We ended my birthday with lots of fun rides (I made them go on Pirates of the Caribbean for the 3rd time hahahah) and a ton of sugar and sweets. This is probably one of my favorite pictures from the trip because I am holding Rapunzel’s lantern!

The whole trip was amazing and Disney never fails to make me happy! I might change up my birthday trip next year…still thinking about it!

Overall….Disney trip 2019 = success! <3

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