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The Florida Keys

This week my family and I took a family vacation for the first time in OVER 10 YEARS to The Florida Keys! We’ve been so busy with life (school, work, sports, etc) that we haven’t all been able to go on a trip together since before I started high school. Isn’t that crazy?!
Of course I brought my camera along for the whole trip and documented everything I saw. Which was mainly iguanas and the Kmart that we stopped at every day for more groceries (and souvenirs hehe). I wish we could’ve had a few more days to explore, but the days we did have there were amazing!
My favorite part of the whole trip was snorkeling at a reef in the ocean! It was AMAZING!
~I’m in the process of putting together a video of our snorkeling trip! Once I’m done I’ll post it here!
Enjoy the pictures!!
There were so many pelicans in The Florida Keys! I totally thought that I killed one on accident! I was trying to take a video of him when he jumped into the water! I had no idea they could swim so I screamed, but a local laughed and told me he is fine.
Another place checked off the bucket list for me! My next adventure is Canada 🙂
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