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Mount Pleasant Photographer | Sunflower portraits

Since I am a Mount Pleasant photographer I get to take lots of amazing portraits of families, seniors, and couples around the area. A while back, I had the pleasure of capturing some beautiful portraits of Rebecca in this giant sunflower field. Boone Hall Plantation has stuff like this year round. Christmas time they (used to) have a little Christmas village that you can walk through and you feel like you’re in a Hallmark movie. In the Spring they have Strawberry picking, YUM! Halloween they have a haunted house, which is terrifying. And in the summer they have these giant, beautiful sunflowers. I’m telling you they are giant.

Rebecca and I walked to the back of the field to try to find a nice open spot to walk into so she was surrounded, but that was almost impossible. We ended up finding a small opening and ventured in through there.

We were surrounded by these beautiful flowers, and also lots of bees. But it was amazing! We captured some of the cutest pictures of Rebecca! I’m excited for the field to open up again this year so I can take more portraits!

Mount Pleasant Photographer

I captured a buzzing bee perched on one of the sweet smelling sunflowers.

Mount Pleasant Photographer

Rebecca looks so natural in this field of sunflowers!

Mount Pleasant Photographer

Photographs of the Mount Pleasant sunflower field.

Mount Pleasant Photographer

I am so happy that I am a Mount Pleasant photographer for many reasons, but one main one is being able to capture pictures like these!

You can kind of tell we were surrounded and basically drowning in sunflowers right here! We couldn’t stop laughing as bees chased both of us around. We had so much fun, even though it was basically 100 degrees outside!

Mount Pleasant Photographer

A few of these photos are available to purchase in my print shop! 

Mount Pleasant Photographer

I think this one if my favorite Mount Pleasant sunflower field photograph of Rebecca!

Mount Pleasant Photographer

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