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Charleston Wedding Vendors

Wedding Flowers For Rent | Charleston Wedding Vendors

As a Charleston wedding photographer, I get to work with so many wonderful wedding vendors in the area. I first met Selena with Wedding Flowers For Rent at a styled wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation. We hit it off with her right away and we have been able to work with each other so many other times now! I love working with Selena and her team. They’re always full of energy and fun!

Wedding Flowers For Rent is known for realistic flowers you can rent for your wedding day.

If you aren’t wanting to spend too much money on florals for your wedding day, Selena and her team are perfect for you!

Your Business Name & Your Name:

Wedding Flowers for Rent – Selena

Tell us a little about yourself:

Mom of a sweet girl, Gamecock Girl, Loving all things beautiful in decor, fashion and interior design. Fun Fact -Was going to drop out out University of SC in my sophomore year to pursue interior design in NY at Parsons, but was coerced to continue on. But my creative side shined though in the end and I am able to design and create with Wedding Flowers For Rent! Love cooking, gardening and designing whatever I can get my hands on. Appreciate quiet moments.

Selena has such a bubbly personality and will bring a spark to your wedding day!

How would you describe your style?

Modern and Free Spirited with a classic core aesthetic!

What do you love most about working in weddings?

We love to know that we helped complete a brides day perfectly and that we were the perfect fit for their style and budget!

One of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer in Charleston is being able to work with amazing vendors like Wedding Flowers For Rent.

What advice would you give to your couples who are preparing for their wedding day?

Start planning your day with what is most important to you for your day and keep that focus all throughout and your day will turn out perfect.

What are your favorite wedding trends right now?

Including personal details, favorite items of the bride and groom in the decor and throughout to make the day super personal and intimate.

I love intimate Charleston weddings too!

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And from the words of Melissa, a recent Wedding Flowers For Rent bride:

“I am so glad I went with Wedding Flowers for Rent. They arrived on time and were easy to return. I was toying with the idea of assembling bouquets myself but this was a much better option. It eliminated stress and made my day look beautiful!”

I think Melissa said it all! If you are looking for beautiful florals for your wedding or event, check out Selena and her team here >


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