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Why You Should Schedule A Bridal Session

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March 9, 2020


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Are you still debating whether or not you should schedule a bridal session with your photographer? Planning a wedding can be challenging, and adding on a bridal session to that “to do” list can seem overwhelming. But having a bridal session is 100% worth it for several reasons. Scroll to see why you should schedule a bridal session!

Downtown Charleston bridal portraits - why you should schedule a bridal session

First, let’s talk about what exactly a bridal session is.

A bridal session is where the bride gets her hair and makeup done, puts on her beautiful gown, and picks a favorite spot to take pictures. Some brides even get a bouquet made for the occasion. Which I love because it is just another element to add onto these special photographs. A lot of brides choose to take their bridal photos somewhere other than their wedding venue. Why is this? Because on the wedding day you will get plenty of photos at your wedding venue. Maybe you have a special place that you’re really wanting photos taken at, but haven’t had the chance to. For example, your uncle’s lake-house you spent every summer at or the street in Downtown Charleston where you and your fiancé walked for your first date. It could really be anywhere!

The main purpose for a bridal session is to have photos other than your engagement session to display at your wedding. A lot of brides will choose a few of their favorite photos and have them blown up on a canvas to display at their reception. I am not only able to capture your bridal portraits, but help with printing those canvases as well! So with that being said, here is why you should schedule a bridal session.

Horses at Pepper plantation bridal portraits - why you should schedule a bridal session

  1. It’s the perfect time to schedule your trial runs for hair and makeup
    Yes, you can schedule them all at the same time! It’s actually the absolute perfect time to schedule this. And you will get to see what your hair and makeup will look like in your wedding photographs, instead of just your iPhone pictures.
  2. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture unique, stress free bridal portraits

    As a Charleston wedding photographer, I know this is the best time to capture your bridal portraits.

    It is so relaxing and reassuring on your wedding day to know that you already have a plethora of beautiful portraits in your wedding dress.

  3. You can decide if you want to change anything about your wedding day look
    Since you are using your trial runs for your hair and makeup, this is the perfect time to decide if you want to change anything. It might even be your jewelry choice that you want to change! Seeing it in photographs will help you make that final decision and know that your wedding day look is absolutely perfect.
    Lowndes Grove bridal portraits
  4. And finally, you will have more photos to display at your wedding reception
    This is my favorite part…displaying your beautiful bridal portraits!

    After you receive your gallery, I can print all of your favorites through my print shop and coordinate with your wedding planner to have them set up for your big day.

    This way you don’t have them sitting around your house for your fiancé or anyone else to see! And all of the stress will be off of you! Your wedding planner and I will plan to have all of your favorite bridal portraits display in any way that you want. You can have a huge canvas as soon as you enter your reception if you wanted! Not only is this a plus, but you will have a variety of photos now. Including your engagement photos!

Folly Beach Wedding Bridals

These photos are absolutely stunning and would be the perfect look at your hair and makeup. This is why you should schedule a bridal session!

And that’s why you should schedule your bridal session as soon as possible!

Send me a quick email if you’re thinking about capturing yours!

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