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Baby Shower at The White Room | Mount Pleasant, SC

If you haven’t been to the The White Room in Mount Pleasant, SC, you need to go! It is the perfect space for parties or small get togethers! This baby shower at The White Room was absolutely perfect and so detailed! Katie planned everything herself and it turned out so cute. It made me start to think about how I would want my baby shower to be decorated in the future.

Katie planned a green themed baby shower, with little succulents as take home gifts for her guests! How cute is that?!

The White Room was the perfect place for this baby shower.

The guests were able to make their own mimosas at this cute little bar. And there was a miniature donut wall!

There’s plenty of space for activities, socializing, and snacking at The White Room. Katie set it up so that there was plenty of space between each of her tables.

And I have to tell you…Katie made those green plant circles hanging on the wall! They were so cute and tied the dessert table into the rest of the themed tables!

Baby Shower at The White Room

I loved all the little details put into decorating Katie’s baby shower at The White Room for this party!

Baby Shower at The White Room

If you live in Mount Pleasant or the Charleston area, this venue is the perfect spot for your events and parties!

food for a party at the white room in mount pleasant south carolina it's a girl! Baby Shower at The White Room Baby Shower at The White Room

Sophia decided she didn’t want to wait for the guests to arrive before diving into the desserts! Haha! She was adorable.

Baby Shower at The White Room Maternity photos The White Room in Mount Pleasant, SC Baby Shower at The White Room

Of course we had to take a picture together…Katie and Catie! I love being able to capture events like this one. Baby showers and maternity photos are secretly my favorite because it’s something fun and new besides weddings and engagements! Which don’t get me wrong, weddings and engagements will always hold my heart, but this is always something fun and so special to capture!

For those of you who don’t know, The White Room is tucked away in the little area by the Sonic on 41. It is run and owned by the Salon Alexandria right next door. They are the sweetest people and so welcoming! This space is perfect for baby shower, bridal showers, holiday parties (I attended a small Christmas party here and it was amazing!), and so much more. It can even be used as a getting ready suite before you wedding day!

I hope you enjoyed looking at the beautiful photos from Katie’s baby shower!

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