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50 favorite things


December 10, 2019


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Life can be hard and frustrating sometimes, but there are times it’s absolutely amazing. These are 50 of my favorite things in the world! They never fail to make me happy and help me through a hard day (or week).

So here we are:

50 Favorite things


1. Sparkling grape juice 🍾

2. Singing in the car 🎶

3. Homemade lemonade

4. Getting in bed after a full day in the sun

5. Colorful Fireworks

6. The smell of the salt water

7. Sushi
50 Favorite things

8. The premiere of your favorite movie

9. Green tea lattes

10. Hot chocolate during the holidays

11. Christmas trees that are all decorated

12. Watching the sunrise on the beach

13. Fuzzy blankets

14. Picking out a pumpkin in the fall

15. Bonfires with smores

16. Chick-fil-a french fries

17. Feeling the wind in your hair when you drive with the windows down

18. Ben and Jerry’s Ice cream…literally any flavor

19. A good book
50 favorite things

20. Movie nights

21. The smell of lavender

22. Walking in the rain

23. A warm cup of tea

24. Hearing a song that makes you remember your favorite memories

25. Slurpees

26. The smell of an old book

27. Puppy breath
50 Favorite things | puppy on fourth of july

28. Getting new plants to fill up my house

29. When you’re walking your dog and he keeps looking up at you and smiling

30. Taking a polaroid picture and waiting for it to develop

31. Turtleneck sweaters

32. Sleeping in newly cleaned sheets

33. Laughing until you cry

34. The smell of your favorite perfume

wedding perfume

35. Marking off everything on your to do list

36. The smell of fresh cut grass

37. Feeling like you’re walking into a fairytale when you get to Walt Disney World

38. Quality time with family

39. The smell of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World
Pirates ride at Disney

40. Fresh flowers and lit candles in your room

41. Self care Sundays

42. Feeling the sun on your skin (as long as it’s not humid as well outside)

43. The hot towel they put on your feet at the nail salon

44. Listening to an inspiring podcast

45. Fruity pebble donuts

46. Laying in bed on a rainy day

47. Freshly baked brownies with your favorite candy inside

48. The first sip of water in the morning after sleeping for 8+ hours

49. Fuzzy socks

50. Finding money you didn’t have

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