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Canada, EH?

Canada, EH? I will say I actually heard this expression more times than I can count this week!
This Labor Day weekend my family and I flew to Canada for the wedding of my cousin. We spent the whole day Thursday before the weekend traveling. We had 2 flights, one to Texas and then to Seattle. Then we drove over the border of Canada to the small town of Langley, British Columbia.
This was my first time going to another country! And Canada did not disappoint.
I couldn’t have picked a better place to go for my first time out of The United States.
As soon as I stepped off the first plane, I could instantly tell a difference in the air. It’s so clean and crisp! Unlike the humid air here in South Carolina 🙂
Enjoy the pictures & a read the comments below them to see where they were taken!
There were seaplanes taking off and landing every 5 minutes at Stanley Park in Vancouver! I’ve never seen one before so I took a TON of pictures 😂
There were a few seagulls that were swallowing Starfish whole!! It was crazy and a little gross to be honest. When we saw the first one we thought he was choking and debated jumping down to help him 😂 2 minutes later he finished swallowing 🤢 These were also at Stanley Park!
I definitely recommend visiting this park if you ever go to Vancouver!
The pictures were taken on Grouse Mountain, located on the outskirts of Vancouver. We didn’t get to do everything available on this mountain because we ran out of time, but we did get to see the 2 Grizzly bears and go on the ski lift! The fog lifted for us just as we got to the peak of the mountain and it was BEAUTIFUL!! You could see all of Vancouver from the top.
And last, but not least, Golden Ears Provincial Park! This was actually our first stop when we got to Canada (after sleeping, of course) and it was probably my favorite. We hiked up to the waterfall and the whole way up I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. I kept having to stop to take pictures and just take in all of the beauty.
My dad has taken up photography as well, you can see a picture above of him I got of him when he wasn’t paying attention hehe. It surprised me when he expressed his interest in photography because he has never been into “creative” activities. But one of my favorite things about this trip was being able to see all of this and capture it with him.
One last thing!!
This is only a small fraction of my photos taken from this trip! I am gathering and editing more to start selling as prints and digital files! Because of this, these images are lower quality and have my watermark on them 🙂 If you’re interested in purchasing prints please feel free to contact me!
I hope you all enjoyed looking at pictures of this marvelous place!
Want to see more photographs? Check out my Instagram!
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Thanks for looking at Canada, EH?

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