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Charleston Weddings at Lowndes Grove

Charleston Wedding Venue: Lowndes Grove

I am going to star highlighting some of my favorite Charleston wedding venues! And I may throw in a few destination wedding venues once in a while too just for fun. So I begin with Charleston Weddings at Lowndes Grove Plantation.

As a wedding photographer in Charleston, I get to experience all of the stunning venues here.

This venue is beautiful for many reasons, but I will tell you the main reasons I believe it is beautiful. For one, it overlooks the Ashley River. There’s even a dock that you use for a dramatic boat exit after your wedding! And when the sun is setting you can get some dreamy portraits of the two of you. They will be perfect to hang up on your wall of your new home together!

Charleston Wedding Venue Lowndes Grove Charleston Wedding Venue Lowndes Grove

This enchanting Charleston wedding venue has multiple backdrops that can serve for your ceremony.

You can have the historic house, huge live oaks or the Ashley River behind you as you exchange vows and become husband and wife. The only problem with that is that you won’t know what to choose! They are just all so beautiful.

Another great thing about Lowndes Grove Plantation is the enclosed space for your reception. It is so customizable and you can really do anything you want with your wedding day! I’ve seen so many different setups that are all unique and beautiful. It can be anything you want it to be!

Charleston Wedding Venue Lowndes Grove

Not only do you have access to a great reception space, but you also have access to the whole estate. If it rains, have no fear! You can bring your guests inside for your cocktail hour! As well as getting ready, you have plenty of room! There are a total of 3 floors, and you have access to two of them. A lot of brides choose to get ready upstairs with their girls and let the grooms have one of the rooms downstairs. Plus the girls get their own balcony to pop champagne and celebrate!

Charleston Wedding Venue Lowndes Grove

Historic Charleston wedding

And last, but certainly not least, on site parking. Yes, that might be lame to some people, but I swear this is a rarity in Charleston. Normally in Downtown Charleston your guests have to park in a garage, on the street or just Uber to your wedding. I think it is so nice to not have to worry about where all of your guests will park. So yes, that is one of my favorite parts of having a wedding at Lowndes Grove Plantation!

And that is why I love Charleston Weddings at Lowndes Grove.

This blog just scratches the surface as to why Lowndes Grove is a beautiful wedding venue in Charleston. Charleston has so much history and rare finds. So whether you’re planning your destination wedding here or have lived here your whole life and plan to tie the knot here, it is perfect for anyone.

If you are looking to have your fairytale wedding in Charleston I highly recommend Lowndes Grove. It is the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding!

If you are looking for wedding planning advice, the best locations around Charleston, or just looking for wedding inspiration, please don’t hesitate to email me or take a look at my other blogs! I have lots of wedding planning advice that just might help you in planning your dream wedding in Charleston or any other destination.

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