Disobeying My Dad

November 23, 2019

Hi, I'm Catie.
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Part 5: Disobeying My Dad

When I attended Erskine College I must have changed my major a million times. When I first transferred in I was dead set on majoring in education. My mom has been a teacher her whole life and it is in my blood. So I figured that was my path.

Even though I was an art major in high school, I figured it could just be a hobby on the side while I taught middle or high school. But boy was I wrong. I realized after taking my first education class that teaching was not for me. At least teaching in a school. I do believe I definitely could’ve taught art or photography if I wanted to.

But after shadowing a third grade teacher and her letting me down easy, I decided to change my major. To nursing. Which was even further past what I was meant to do in life. Let’s just say I discovered that wasn’t my calling either pretty fast.

Looking back now, I don’t know why I even tried education. I could never imagine myself teaching middle or high school!! And I can’t even handle the site of cuts or broken bones so I never would’ve lasted as a nurse!

So this is where disobeying my dad comes in. I decided to ignore his words telling me not to major in art. I also didn’t tell him that I changed my major to art until the end of the year. And by that time I was already planning on transferring to Charleston Southern University.

There I will discover that art goes beyond just pencil and paper. Art can be seen through photographs, computer screens and many other things.

This was all my journey to becoming a Charleston wedding photographer. Every single step I made the past 10 years have led me to this point in my life. And I can’t wait to share the rest of that journey with you through the next 3 blogs in this series!

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If you’re confused and just coming into the middle of my blog series without reading the first blog, you can read that here!

And be sure to keep up with my adventures on instagram!

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