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Stealing My Mom’s Camera

Part 4: Stealing My Mom’s Camera

Okay I know that caption isn’t the greatest. “Stealing My Mom’s Camera”. But it was more like borrowing my mom’s camera.

I mean, I gave it back! I only borrowed it for my photography class in college.

Which is where I began to learn about how real cameras work. No more disposable or little digital cameras for Catie. In this college course it was cameras you could buy multiple lenses for and switch them out. But I stuck to one lens throughout the whole course.

I focused on the technical side of the camera.

Things like aperture, lighting, ISO, etc. As well as the fun side of photography. Posing, backgrounds, locations and models. My friends were my models most of the time. But occasionally I somehow mustered up the courage to ask random people on campus to pose for a few pictures.

This was SO different from what my sisters and I used to take pictures of!

I was amazed. In fact, I became obsessed.

There was one problem. My dad did not approve of me being an art major.

Which I totally understand! At the time I wanted to major in fine arts, so basically drawing, painting, etc. It is very hard to make a living off of that unless you are absolutely amazing at what you do! So photography fell into that same category in my dad’s mind.

AKA, it was not even a possibility for me to major in art with a focus in photography.

Because I wasn’t up for a challenge with my parents, I stuck with the undecided major until I could figure out something that would work for me.

Originally I was an Education major. Can you see me teaching little 2nd or 3rd graders? Because I sure can’t! The main reason I wanted to go into education is because of my mom, but I quickly learned that it is not my calling. I won’t go into details with that. Let’s just say I got up to teach the class and basically wouldn’t stop rambling. Therefore, the kids didn’t learn anything.

So here I am as an undecided college student.

Camera in hand, just enjoying life.

At the time, that was good enough for me.


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