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Summer in Charleston

Summer in Charleston is one of the best things in the world. Besides the heat, humidity and traffic, Charleston is actually pretty amazing during the summer.
All the kids are out of school so the neighborhood is filled with laughter and playful screams as they run around and play outside.
Every night as it starts to cool down outside it seems like the whole neighborhood takes their dog for a walk. Toulouse loves this time because he gets to meet lots of new friends!

But one of my absolute favorite things about summer is getting to see the turtle hatchlings make their way to the ocean.
My mom is on the turtle team so she walks the beach every Saturday morning at 5am to look for turtle tracks.
So she gets the inside scoop on when the turtles are supposed to be hatching and I get to go take pictures of them!
I’ve been doing this every summer since 2013 with my mom and it never gets old. Not a lot of people get to experience this in their life either so I feel super thankful that I’m able to!

Besides seeing the turtle hatchlings, here are some of the things that make me happy during the summer:
  • Jumping in a cold pool
  • Trying to lick a dripping popsicle
  • When the sun dips over the horizon in the afternoon and it actually feels like heaven outside
  • The smell of the marsh when you’re driving down 41 with the windows down
  • Taking the dog for a walk right after dinner time and not sweating like a crazy person
  • When you step back into the air conditioned house after being outside
  • Walking around downtown and seeing the flowers in bloom
  • Better yet, smelling the flowers in bloom downtown
  • Vacation, duh! Look at my favorite summer vacation here!
  • Lots of new Disney movies coming out in theaters

Those are just a few to list! I’m sure if I really sat down for a while I could list about 100 things I love about the summer.
I figured you guys might want to see the turtles that I took pictures of this morning, so scroll down!

baby loggerhead turtle swimming into the ocean at Isle of Palms, SC
baby loggerhead turtles swimming into the ocean baby turtle swimming at Isle of Palms, SC
loggerhead turtle swimming at Isle of Palms, SC

P. S. My watermark was put onto these photos because I haven’t decided which ones I would like to put in the print shop yet! Help me decide!!

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