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Why You Should Invest in a Wedding Album

For Brides

June 22, 2020


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So you’ve picked your wedding photographer and now you’re wondering if you should invest in a wedding album. Well I’m here to tell you why you should!

Should you invest in a wedding album?

Short answer: yes. But I know you probably are asking why.

Are wedding albums worth the cost? Why do I need a wedding album? Can’t I just make a wedding album myself?

I will be answering all of these commonly asked questions for you right here in this blog! I know that a wedding album can be a big investment and you’ve already invested so much in your actual wedding day. But wouldn’t you want that wedding day documented some place? Besides having your photos on facebook! You spend so much time planning your big day, why not print off pictures and an album to show that big day off?!

Invest in a wedding album

So are wedding albums worth the cost?

Absolutely 100%. And I’m not just saying that because I am a wedding photographer! I have a few sample albums to show my clients and I am always blown away by the quality.

I order my wedding albums from the highest quality printer in the market.

Not only that, but I design all of my couple’s albums myself. I handpick all of the best photos, organize them, and insert them into a design that best displays the story of your wedding day. It is definitely a lot of work and attention to detail, but when you see the final product it is so worth it!

Not only is it high quality, but it is the only thing you will physically have from your wedding day together. The flowers will die, your dress will go in a closet, and the food will be long gone.The only other thing you may have to enjoy later is the top layer of your wedding cake! So if you put so much time and effort into your wedding day, wouldn’t you want to have all of the pictures perfectly displayed to show off? I know I would!

Why do I need a wedding album?

There are a lot of answers to this question, but the one I will give you is this: it’s not only for you. My parents don’t have the digital copies of their wedding anymore. They are longggg gone. The only pictures I’ve ever seen are the ones hanging on the wall in their house and the photos displayed in their wedding album. Let’s say the worst thing imaginable happens. Your facebook is hacked and your account is deleted or your hard drive crashes. And that’s where you kept all of your photos from your wedding day. What will you show your kids? Won’t they wonder what mom and dad looked like on their wedding day?

An album displaying your wedding day is the best thing you can possibly invest in.

Why you should Invest in a wedding album

Can’t I just make a wedding album myself?

Yes, you can absolutely design and print your wedding album yourself, but ask yourself this: will you actually do it?

The truth is, a lot of couples decide to do it themselves instead of purchasing an album through their wedding photographer (which is fine!). But majority of the time that album never actually gets designed or printed. Some of you might follow through and build it yourself and that’s great! But the majority of us get caught up in life and work and never get around to it. I know for a fact that I would never actually get around to making my own wedding album. There’s a million other things going on in my life and it would sit on the back-burner for years. I just know it! So yes, I am planning on purchasing a wedding album through my wedding photographer when that day comes for me. (And hopefully it does come eventually hahahah!)

And that my friends is it! My top reasons why you should invest in a wedding album. I promise you it’s worth it!

Do you have another question for me? Leave a comment below for me to answer or send a quick email! I would love to answer it for you!

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  1. Kate says:

    This is such great information. I love getting to look back at my parents and grandparents wedding photos–and thanks to my wedding album my children (and hopefully one day grandchildren) can now do the same. So important to have these albums and printed photos! Great work!

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