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60th Surprise Party

Eek!!! I have been planning this day for so many months – my mom’s 60th Surprise Party!! We have so many family members coming in town and this was the perfect day to plan it.

We rarely ever have my mom’s sisters all in the same place at the same time, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have my mom’s 60th surprise party while they were all here. Even though her real birthday isn’t until December 23.

We decided to go with under the sea theme since she loves dolphins so much. My sisters and I bought tons of decorations (pictures below!) to set up. We even put up a little “photo booth” for friends and family to take pictures at!

Personally I am very impressed that we kept it a surprise all this time. I decided not to tell a few family members that might slip up on accident. So that definitely helped!

I think the greatest surprise was being able to get the 4th Hurt daughter to South Carolina from Georgia for the weekend. We only get to see Rachel a few times a year so it was amazing being able to get her here for this.

The good thing: I was having so much fun with family and friends that I totally forgot to take pictures of all the decorations. The bad thing: That means I don’t have as many pictures to share with you. But there are a few pictures to give you an idea!

Anyways, enjoy the photos below! We spent so much time organizing and planning this that I have been dying to share these!


mom's 60th Surprise Party mom's 60th Surprise Party dolphin cookies mom's 60th Surprise Party photo booth

Catherine Hurt Photography

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