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Ashlyn’s Dreamy Bridal Portraits in Charleston


March 25, 2020


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A wedding photographer based in Charleston, SC specializing in dreamy and true to life imagery for couples planning their dream wedding. 



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Ashlyn’s Dreamy Bridal Portraits in Charleston was actually a really big adventure. Along with Ashlyn and I, there were two of Ashlyn’s best friends and bridesmaids that came to help out. Which ended up being amazing because we got to do some fun stuff with the veil!

The Old Sheldon Church Ruins were the perfect backdrop for Ashlyn’s bridal portraits.

Charleston in general is always a beautiful backdrop for bridal portraits and weddings. Or anything really.

But for those of you who don’t know what the Old Sheldon Church Ruins are, I will explain that for you. Located in Yemassee, the church ruins are made of beautiful red orange brick pillars. They once held up the Sheldon church. Sheldon Church first opened in 1757 (!!!!) and the original building lasted until the Revolutionary war, where it was set on fire. Fortunately, the walls stayed standing and they were able to build upon them in 1825. From there, it was set on fire again and never built back up. They preserved the site after that and it has been that way since then.

Yes, I did a little research to see for myself! So this location is beautiful and it has a lot of history. I loved the colors of Ashlyn’s bridal portraits. All the greenery was probably my favorite part. A few days after we took Ashlyn’s bridal portraits there was an announcement that they put up a gate around the actual ruins. Which is very sad because that will take away from the beauty of it. But they have to protect it from vandalism, so it makes sense. I’m just glad we got there before that! So please enjoy Ashlyn’s dreamy bridal portraits in Charleston!

charleston wedding bridal portraits Dreamy Bridal Portraits in Charleston old sheldon church ruins bridal portraits Dreamy Bridal Portraits in Charleston

She was such a cute Southern bride!

old sheldon church ruins bridal portraits Dreamy Bridal Portraits in Charleston wedding photographer in charleston, SC charleston weddings

Whenever I see these bridal portraits I think they are exactly what you would picture when you think of a Charleston wedding.

Before I show the last picture, I want to tell you all why these bridal portraits were an adventure. The day we took them was incredibly hot. We were all pouring sweat. But because Ashlyn was in her dress, she was suffering more than the rest of us. Right before we finished up Ashlyn said she felt like she was going to pass out. Ashley and Chaucey carried her back to the car where we discovered something horrible. Someone had broke into Ashley’s car while we were taking pictures. Like the whole window was busted out and all of their purses were gone.

So we called the police and filed a report. Unfortunately, that’s all they could do. But before the police left we asked for one favor….for Ashlyn to take a picture in the car with her wedding dress on! So that’s why we have this picture here. Even though it was awful that the car was broken into, we still made some great memories.

bride sitting in a cop car on her wedding day

I’m just glad we captured this moment! It was a weird ending to the day, but it was definitely a funny picture to have at the wedding.

I always love capturing bridal portraits and wedding in Charleston!


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